Sleeping Lions

Sleeping Lions: Description: The students are going to imagine that they are lions in a circus. The circus is great but it is a lot of work. The teacher is the Ring Master and needs some lions to come out and perform the next show. The students are told to imagine that they are lions … More Sleeping Lions

Relaxation/ Guided Mediation Warm-UP

Relaxation/Guided Meditation Warm-Up: Description: Students lie down spread far enough apart that they aren’t touching and are able to lie down undistracted. The students close their eyes and listen to the guided relaxation techniques. The teacher can follow the prompts in the video below or create their own story but the images should be vivid … More Relaxation/ Guided Mediation Warm-UP

Group Character Tableau

Group Character Tableau: Description: Using the characters that you created during the statue(ing) exercise the students have the group assemble in character to represent a moment from the picture. The teacher again will prompt the students with questions that encourage the students to further analyze how their character would respond (i.e. “Where would you be … More Group Character Tableau