Sleeping Lions

Sleeping Lions:


The students are going to imagine that they are lions in a circus. The circus is great but it is a lot of work. The teacher is the Ring Master and needs some lions to come out and perform the next show. The students are told to imagine that they are lions who have been performing all day and desperately need a rest. Their goal is to look like sleeping lions so that they are not chosen to go and perform with the Ring Master. The students are guided through visualization of what a sleeping lion feels like and looks like. The Ring master will then go around the classroom attempting to wake sleeping lions to come and perform with him. If any lion moves or makes noise or looks awake at all the Ring Master is going to bring them with him. Once a lion is awake its goal is to get other lions to join it in the performance. This can continue until all lions are awake or until the Ring Master thinks they have enough lions.


This is a fun way to transition from a high energy activity to a low energy activity. The challenge is to relax as a lion and not get tricked by the Ring Master or the other lions. In the end it is a great way for kids to practice relaxation, meditation and disassociation.




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