Relaxation/ Guided Mediation Warm-UP

Relaxation/Guided Meditation Warm-Up:


Students lie down spread far enough apart that they aren’t touching and are able to lie down undistracted. The students close their eyes and listen to the guided relaxation techniques. The teacher can follow the prompts in the video below or create their own story but the images should be vivid and accessible while guiding the students through meditation and relaxation.


This is a great way to transition from a high energy activity to a low energy activity. It is also a great way to start a class and bring students to focus on the class ahead. This works well for drama as it provides a moment to transition from the academic mindset of the rest of the classes and to start to be aware of your body and activate your imagination before you begin to play in dramatic exploration. This is a great introduction to relaxation and meditation and is very accessible for kids and adults.


  • students can do the same exercise in their desks
  • the teacher can choose to create a list of visualizations that relate to a theme or text that is currently being used in class.



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