Bear, Frog, Bug

Bear, Frog, Bug:


This is a good warm up for physicalization and concentration. The students divide in half. Each half forms a secret huddle where they will discuss what animal they are going to use. The whole group will then present a physicalization of a bear (growling face, hands above head), a frog (squatting, tongue out) or a bug (I can only describe this as your best mosquito impression). This is where the game begins to resemble the universal decision maker or paper, rock, scissors only in this case bear beats frog, frog beats bug and bug beats bear. The students now form two lines facing each other. The teacher counts down from three and each line shows their animal. The loosing team has to run and touch the wall behind them before being tagged by a member of the winning team. If you are tagged before your reach the wall you join the other team. This continues at a frantic pace until you run out of time or until all students have joined one team.


A great way to get the body up and moving and create energy within the group. The benefits of Bear, Frog, Bug is that it works on concentration and physicalization while getting your heart rate going. A great warm up and a lot of fun!!


  • There are endless variations of characters- I particularly like Cowboy, Ninja, Bear
  • Can be played in a round-robin elimination tournament
  • Can always just be rock, paper, scissors (but full body representations)



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