Weekly Creative Practice- Colour (Sunrise)

How could this not be what caught my eye this week. I happened to wake up in time to catch a beautiful sunrise. As I wandered past the window I looked outside and noticed the incredible hues of the sunrise against the shadows of the trees in my window. I ran downstairs to grab my camera because I knew it wouldn’t last long. While I was downstairs I noticed the view out of the living room was just as gorgeous:





There were also a couple rules/things I learned while studying photography that came to my mind at this moment. The first was the rule “Always look behind you…”. In other words when you a photographing a scene it is always worth turning around to catch the whole picture or something of value that you might not have seen originally. For example at a wedding when everyone is looking at the bride this is a great moment to turn around and look at the groom. The other photographic “rule” is what some people call golden hour or magic hour. This is roughly the hour right before the sunsets or right before the sun rises. This is a time of the day when you get a beautiful golden tone in the light and nice rich deep shadows. This was the perfect reminder of that time… so I turned around and captured the effect of magic hour on the alley and house behind me.


This week the aesthetic experience was simply the colour and splendour of nature. I think that there is so much inspiration drawn from the beauty of nature when it comes to the sublime experiences we can have in the world. This is one of those times where the aesthetic value is created by nature but captured by people. This sunrise is a great reminder to think about nature and slow down and enjoy the beauty it presents once in a while.6

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