Art 221- Final Post

A Review of My Final Project Experience:

This project has been a really great experience for me. When I first thought about the idea of learning a new skill for this class I was thinking about skills that I don’t have but wanted to gain. My original thought was that I was going to learn to weld. The issue with that was that I had no base to start from, limited access to supplies/a mentor and no idea for what my final project would be. After some thought and during some research for my first idea I came across a book on skateboard building and at the same time came up with a concept for my final project.

I liked the idea of learning a new skill. I had some woodworking experience and I had access to tools in the woodshop that I may not have used yet but at least I knew what they did and the general idea of how to use them. I think the idea of building skateboards was a good project for me because it kept me motivated. The fact that I could take a set of skills and build upon them to create two different style of skateboard was helpful. I liked getting in the woodshop and experimenting and learning about the tools. I was very happy with the end products of both types of skateboards that I made. Although the both had some struggles it was nice to have them result in things I’m proud of.

I think a couple things that were difficult about the project were time management and resource availability. I think all in all I managed my time pretty well but there were a couple kinks that set me back and affected my final project a little. If I had been able to complete my first attempt at the skateboard without any issues then I think I would have reached my goal of making three skateboards that create a single image of a skateboard trick (a kickflip) in form. I also think that the resources I found are awesome. The TAP bag is great and the veneers are perfect as they are built specifically for skateboarding. However it would be nice if they were readily available. The turn around time for ordering from the Roarockit website is actually pretty good considering that it is based in Canada. The time I spent deciding what to order and waiting for it to arrive could have been reduced if I was in Toronto and could have gone down to the shop and spoke with the guys who invented/use the products every day. They are definitely knowledgeable and super helpful.

There isn’t much I would change about this project. I like the idea that it is fairly open and allows for very personal expression. I like that it provides students a way to “give back” to the Internet. I think it was awesome as a blog. I liked being able to stay up to date with what others were learning and how they went about creating their final projects. I like that some of the blogs meant that I could learn a little about the skills that they were learning as well.

Overall I am happy with the project as a whole and with my skateboards specifically. It was a great project to work through as the semester went on. I will definitely use the skills I learned from this project in the future either on more skateboards or on other woodworking projects.


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