A Stolen Moment (Why my Creative Writing Class finally Paid off)

This week we took a look at digital story telling and as much as I wanted to post a video about it. I feel like that will take away from the simple stories created by using Five Card Flickr. For those of you who don’t know Five Card Flickr is a great way to practice digital story telling. The idea is you get 5 random images and use them to create a story.

Here is mine as an example:

Five Card Story: A Stolen Moment

a Five Card Flickr story created by Will Whitten

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by bionicteaching

The Corvette raced by. It’s speed causing the world to stop for just a moment. The entire universe frozen and still. The hum of the engine blending seamlessly with the drone of the bumblebee. The wind still. The dreams of a nation caught in illustrated craftwork. The rusted shackles of time and space destroyed in the freedom of speed and the open road. Then with the same speed as it arrived the moment passed and I was left looking at the shadow of the tree across the street as I stood waiting for the bus. The Corvette was gone and the world returned to a normal pace.


Digital story telling is a very cool way to integrate lots of different skills and differentiated instruction in your classroom. This is just one example of the hundreds of great online storytelling apps. In fact storytelling apps just scratch the surface of the way we can share stories online. You can look at tons of other methods. In fact you are participating in digital storytelling by reading my blog (#humblebrag).  There are also tons of podcasts that are amazing places for digital storytelling one of my favourites is This American Life. Don’t start listening if you don’t have time to get addicted. From blogs, vlogs and digital storytelling apps to hundreds of other online options it has never been easier to share your story. So get out there and do it!!

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