#SJW and The Risks of Teacher Neutrality

Here is my Vlog about Social Justice and Social Media:


Here is Jonathan Mann’s Social Justice Warrior Song

(*Warning there is some adult language in the song*)

Check out The Canadian Journal of Education article Shifting Out of “Neutral”: Beginning Teachers’ Struggles with Teaching for Social Justice

And in case you missed it you can always check out My Other Blog about Twitter and Social Change.

Links to Photos Used in the video:
Je suis Charlie” by Joachim Roncin (proof), Charlie Hebdo (charliehebdo.fr)Typefaces authors: Mark van Bronkhorst (Sweet Sans Heavy), H. Hoffman/H. Berthold (Block Condensed) – Joachim Roncin’s tweet, PDF adapted to SVG.. Licensed under CC0 via Commons.

#porteouverte courtesy of Twitter

Edmund Burke Quotes courtesy of Brainy Quotes

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