ELA B30- Satire & Parody (3 Week Inquiry Unit)

Click to download PDF: ELA B30- Social Criticism (Satire & Parody)

Unit Rationale:

ELA B30 is divided into two units the first is The Search for Self the second is The Social Experience. I have chosen to address the second unit in this plan. I have chosen to focus on this unit because I believe this is an important time for students understand as much about their society and their role in it as possible. In Grade Twelve many students in Saskatchewan may start address the question of “how they will work to create the society of the future?” To understand this many students need to start to address ideas such as “Why do some individuals or groups challenge the system while others abide by it?  How do societies treat resistance? Is resistance risky?”

As students prepare to address their future it is important to us that they understand that others should not define their future. That as students think about what their end goal is and they understand there will be obstacles and expectations but that they are prepared to defend their choices. By looking at texts that challenge students to consider “What is conformity? What is resistance? What is meant by “the status quo?” we challenge them to question societal norms and to assess their own future with the same critical thinking.

It is also important that students understand how social criticism plays a role in these decisions. Reading literature about how other people have succeeded in challenging the system using language provides students with support that is incredibly valuable during this transitional period. Understanding that the struggles they face although specific to them are not isolated. Many other people have faced the same struggles and come out on the other side. As we address these struggles and social issues we will also address issues of oppression and struggles faced by those who are not part of the cultural and/or socio-economic majority. In this way I have chosen to incorporate a multitude of diverse perspectives and content in a way that informs and guides or discussion, in particular Indigenous content and perspectives. This is also in response to the TRC calls to action. Finally I have focused on the inclusion of Indigenous content and perspectives as opposed to a focus on Treaty Education outcomes because the Treaty Outcomes for Grade 12 are quite specific and in creating a unit about parody and satire was concerned about issues of cultural appropriation or stereotyping.

By the end of this unit students will be able to identify ways that they will address the social issues they face as they prepare for their future and they will be able to articulate how they can use language and humour to bring light to these social issues or incite change. My hope is that through challenging and engaging content and teaching strategies students will complete this unit closer to becoming socially responsible, literate, engaged, life long learners with the ability to think critically and a strong sense of self, community and place.

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