Lesson Plan Week 6- Northern Lights Water Colour Paintings

Download “Northern Lights Watercolours” Lesson Plan PDF

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Class: Mrs. Anderson Gr. 6/7                                                 Date: November 16th, 2017

Topic:  Visual Art (Colour Blending/Northern Lights)                  Subject: Arts Ed 6/7

Symmetrical Symbol Self-Portraits
Content: Addressing the conceptual foci of Grade 6 and Grade 7 Arts Education curriculum students will create a symmetrical symbol based self-portrait that addresses concepts of identity and its relation to place. Students will explore concepts surrounding symbol in works of art, and its relation to shape space and form
Outcomes and Indicators:


Outcome: CP7.10


Create visual art works that express ideas about the importance of place (e.g., relationship to the land, local geology, region, urban/rural landscapes, and environment).

d. Reflect on how images, elements of art, and principles of composition can be organized to convey meaning in visual art (e.g., What message or ideas does our art work communicate about our sense of place in Saskatchewan?).


f.     f. Recognize that visual art is a means of personal exploration and communication, and appreciate the importance of visual expression.

Outcome: CP7.11


Investigate and use various visual art forms, images, and art-making processes to express ideas about place. 

a.Select various visual art forms (e.g., comics, photography, sculpture, film) to express ideas about the students’ place (e.g., neighbourhood, the prairie, inner city).


Outcome: CP7.12

Use image-making skills, tools, techniques, and problem-solving abilities in a variety of visual art media.

f.     Explore and demonstrate understanding of the role of light and shadow in creating the illusion of form.

g.    Explore relationships among shape, space, and form.

h.    Recognize that scale may or may not be realistic.

i.      Experiment with different ways of creating focal points or emphasis (e.g., size, contrast, outlining, repetition, isolating).


Outcome: CH7.2

Investigate and use various visual art forms, images, and art-making processes to express ideas about identity.


b. Analyze and interpret the work of Indigenous artists within its cultural and contemporary contexts.


Students will demonstrate an understanding of the colour wheel and colour blending by creating watercolour inspired images of the northern lights.

Lesson Preparation:

Equipment/ Materials:

• Tempera Paint (Primary colours, black and white                                                                   • Large watercolour paper

• Colours of the Northern Lights Prezi


Advanced Preparation:

§  Plug in computer/load Prezi


Set: (5-10 minutes)

Colour Mixing

We will review some basic colour theory by watching the OK GO primary colour video.

Students will answer review questions.


Tom Tomson

Let’s look at a classic Canadian Artist- Tom Thomson. How did Thomson’s place/land influence his paintings? Show Thomson’s “The Northern Lights”


Development: (30-40 minutes)


Ask Students if anyone knows why they shouldn’t whistle at the Northern Lights


Introduce the Northern Lights Myth- Wilfred Buck


Discuss the idea that light creates colour by mixing the spectrum. We can create colour by mixing our paints


Using the theories of colour blending help the students create the watercolour Northern Light inspired paintings.

Students are given time to complete their artwork


Closure: (5-10 minutes)


Once students are finished we will share any finished painting and share in a class discussion/critique. The students will reminded of the rules of the critique.

Classroom Management Strategies




Guided art creation will help keep students on task Download “Northern Lights Watercolours” Lesson Plan PDFand encourage those who might struggle if left to create art on their own








As the students are creating Mr. Whitten will circulate through out the class talking to the students about what they’re working on and assessing how well they understand colour mixing and proportions.






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