Weekly Creative Practice: Reflection

For this week’s creative practice I was intrigued by reflections, in particular reflections in glass. It is interesting to me how you can see through a reflection in glass and see the reflection at the same time. I think I was originally attracted to the kind of ghostly characteristics of the glass reflection and how it can sort of distort reflections too depending on what is happening in the glass. I took a look at a few different lighting and glass conditions to see how they affected the reflection and the overall effect. I took a photo in a glass door that was lit from inside but was generally dark outside. I took a photo in the reflection of a TV screen. Again it was lit from the room but the screen was dark and I took a photo of a glass panel that was lit equally from the front and from behind.




There is definitely more I’d like to explore with this idea. This week the backgrounds (or what you can see through the glass) were kind of arbitrary. It was more about how the glass caught my eye. In the future knowing how the reflection responds to different lighting it would be interesting to start to play more with the interaction between reflection and background. This week I had a photo that focused on the background (the first one with  the window being dark outside) and a photo that focused on capturing the reflection (the lst image in the dark), I think it might be interesting to push the background and to pose the reflection so that they were interrelated.

I also think that reflection seems like a good theme as the semester draws to a close. This leads me to what will be next and (likely) final post of the semester. Three new images and a reflection on what this project means and I what I have taken away from it.

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