Heigh Ho (The Shoe Rhythm Game)

Heigh Ho (The Shoe Rhythm Game):


This is a good warm up for rhythm and concentration. Using a simple song (in this case Heigh Ho from Disney’s Snow white) and a simple rhythmic passing pattern students move shoes around a circle while singing the melody. The only thing is that a simple variation in the passing structure makes this much more challenging than you think! The pattern is to pass your shoe to the person on the right on the rhythm of the song until you hit the “home from work we go.” At that point you hold on to the shoe for four counts. On the word “go” you start passing again until you reach the last set of “heigh ho’s” this time you hold the shoes again and on the last beat you pass left instead of right and then restart the pattern.

Here is the song in its entirety just for reference:


A great way to get the brain going. What seems like a very simple task is actually quite challenging. The Heigh Ho song is catchy and sticks in your head and the game definitely gets the group laughing. This is a great warm up that also serves as a challenge. If you introduce this game to a group early in your time together you can bring it back often and see how you improved since each verse serves as a marker of “success”


  • You can pass anything… If you’re playing this game with a cast you could pass an important prop to the show you’re working on.



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