Blind Driving

Blind Driving:


The students are divided into pairs. Each pair has a driver and a walker. As the exercise starts one student closes their eyes and becomes the walker the other student stands behind them and becomes the driver. The directions are simple once the instructor says go the students are to begin walking around the room. The driver will direct the walker by using three gestures: a hand on the back means walking forward, a hand on the shoulder means turn towards that shoulder, if the driver removes their hand the walker stops. As the students become more confident in their trust they will begin to speed up. Eventually the roles will switch and the driver will become the walker.


This is a great game to establish trust in pairs and practice listening to your body. The walker is put in a place where they must trust the driver. If there is a lack of trust the pair will move slowly or not at all. If there is a large amount of trust the students will move quickly and with ease around the room. This is a great icebreaker and a interesting way to start to build relationships of trust in a group that will be working together.


  • The walker and the driver are given an obstacle course and they are timed in order to see who can reach the end fastest.


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