Think, Pair, Share

Think, Pair, Share:


Students are given a subject, reading, or question. Each student is given time to analyze, interpret and dissect the given topic. This can be done through either writing, brainstorming, or guided meditation. Once the student has had sufficient time to come up with their ideas on the subject they are then paired and encouraged to share and discuss their ideas. After the pairing each group can share their findings or thoughts with the group.


Think, Pair, Share allows students time to assess their own ideas before they express them out loud. By pairing before sharing with the whole group students are allowed to express themselves to their partner and further refine their ideas. The pairs can then elaborate on each other’s ideas or come up with new ideas from the elaboration. Once the pairs share with the whole group they have had a chance to refine, expand and gain confidence in their ideas.


  • Students are asked to brainstorm as a group, the instructor takes notes and writes the main points on the board or a sheet of paper, students then follow the same steps.
  • Smaller groupings don’t always have to be pairs
  • Sharing can be done through writing rather than speaking


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