Pass The Ball

Pass The Ball:


Students stand in a circle. The instructor is the first to start- they begin by taking an imaginary ball of energy and holding it in their hands pass it to someone across the circle by making eye contact and sending it across with a noise or a clap. The student then receives the ball with the same sound or clap. That student then makes eye contact with someone across the circle and passes the ball to them in the same manner. The passing continues until a pattern is established and the the first person to pass the ball receives it back. The pattern can then be continued with different elements and additions.


Pass the ball can serve a variety of purposes- it can be used as a warm-up, it can be used to transition from a high energy activity to a low energy activity or vice versa. It works on developing students focus and memory while engaging them with the rest of their class.


  • Eventually students can throw an actual ball instead of passing energy. The better the students get at the pattern the more balls you can get going at once, you can also change the movements or sounds students use as they pass.
  • Students can use the pattern to learn each other’s name- when they pass the ball they say their name. Eventually instead of saying their own name students will say the name of the person they are throwing to.
  • Challenge the group by adding another pattern


To encourage focus have participants pay closer attention to what their results are when their vocal volume is high. What are the results when their volume is lowered? As an instructor you can use this to increase students energy level or to reverse it and bring them from a high level to a lowered volume and more intense focus. This a great tool to transition levels.

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