I Supply the Art Work the Internet Supplies the Power…eventually.

Power Supplies:

This week for my personal learning project it was time to get a little more hands on. I got my first tattoo machine from Tyler. It is one of his old ones but it will do me just fine. I don’t have the refined skills it takes to notice the difference in machine weight, balance, hit and throw, etc. Plus at this point I just want to start tattooing some very simple shapes and lines on practice materials. That’s the good news, the bad news is that he only has one power supply. The power supply is exactly as it sounds; the part that provides power to the tattoo machine. Just like everything else there are pros and cons to tattoo machine power supplies. My mentor (Tyler) uses an Eikon power supply, the Eikon EMS420 to be exact. It retails for $329.00 (CAD) and looks like this:

Eikon EMS 420

I however will not be investing that kind of money into a power supply quite yet. So I ordered this power supply instead:

Hildbrandt Inkstar Power Supply

It’s from Hildbrandt Tattoo Supplies and retails for around $12.99 (USD). That’s a little  more in the price range of an aspiring tattooist. So now the wait is on. My machine is set up. The needles are ready. All we need is power.

In the mean time I practiced some drawings based on my last blog post.  I did one drawing for each category.

American Traditional:


New School:

new school pumpkin

Black and White Realism:

Magnum P.I.

I haven’t started colour realism as it is for sure the most challenging and time consuming. Once I find a subject matter that inspires a commitment of that level I will start a piece.

For now I will wait patiently for my power supply and continue to practice my drawing skills.

Thanks for reading! Have a great week.

4 thoughts on “I Supply the Art Work the Internet Supplies the Power…eventually.

  1. I’m sure I’ve said this already, but this is such a cool project! Your designs look fantastic. Out of the ones you have created so far, which category would you say is more “your” preferred style as an artist?


    1. Thanks Madison! It’s been fun to learn and experiment. I think that my style of art is probably best suited to somewhere between new school and black and grey realism. I would love to work towards color realism. There is a real time commitment involved in learning the techniques of color realism not just in tattooing but in all forms of art. Something to strive for I guess!

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