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To obtain full or part-time employment as a teacher that is enriching and rewarding on an individual level that benefits my community and others as well.


University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan

January 2014 – Present

I am currently returning to The University of Regina to complete a bachelor’s degree in Arts Education. With a major in Secondary Literature and a minor in Visual Art

Western Academy of Photography, Victoria, British Columbia

September 2005- June 2006

I completed the Professional Photography Diploma program at Western Academy of Photography with a focus on commercial and advertising photography.

Educational Experiences

Involvement Student:

As part of my ECS 100 course at the University of Regina I spent one day a week for 6 weeks observing Jaime Riou and her Grade 6 class at Jack Mackenzie School. It was a great experience. I was able to attend a field trip with the class and attended two curling lessons on top of my time at the school. This was a great introduction to the role of the teacher. I was able to develop some great connections with students, staff and the community during my time as an involvement student.

Elementary Pre-Internship:

As part of my EAE 302 course at the University of Regina I spent one day a week for eight weeks working with Rochelle Anderson and her Grade 6/7 class at Lakeview Elementary School. During this time I taught one lesson per day in a variety of subject areas. Working with Rochelle I was able to practice and my skills in lesson planning, classroom management and teaching in general. During my time at Lakeview I was able to establish great relationships with Rochelle, the students in my class, the staff and other members of the community. This was an incredible experience and I am thankful for the opportunities that were provided by Rochelle and the administration staff at Lakeview.

Work Experience

Earls Restaurant, Regina- Day Leader/Server                                                                      August 2006- Present

  • I worked at Earls Regina South for eleven years in several positions. I started as a server/bartender then moved on to the Bar Leader and my last position was the Day Leader. I most recently returned to a position as a server/bartender while I complete my degree.
  • I was Day Leader for three years. As Day Leader I worked directly with the Restaurant Manager. My daily roles included managing and supervising all staff members, contacting any suppliers for product and maintenance issues and ensuring that all guests received proper service and had an excellent visit to the restaurant. On top of my daily duties, I was also responsible for the hiring and training of new staff.
  • The position of day leader also allowed me to participate in many personal leadership development and training courses.
  • I was also a member of the training team responsible for helping open new Earls across Canada as well as the first Earls location in the United States.

Paper Crane Community Arts Centre, Regina- Craft Instructor

September 2015- Present

  • As a Craft Instructor for Paper Crane Community Arts Centre I am responsible for providing weekly arts and crafts instruction to a variety of groups of children from age 11-16 and young adults with cognitive disabilities
  • Every week I am responsible for creating a craft or art lesson. Gathering or purchasing the necessary supplies and providing instruction to the group.
  • I am responsible for a safe, organized and engaging environment for the one hour a week that I am whit the children
  • I am employed as an independent contractor but work directly with Ranch Ehrlo and Paper Crane staff as well as the children in the group home and alternate programing .

Volunteer Experience:

Volunteer with Paper Crane Learning Centre Arts Program

My first experience with Paper Crane Community Art Centre was a volunteer once a week. Paper Crane’s Program Coordinator and I facilitated a weekly art and craft time for clients of Ranch Ehrlo’s Learning Centre. The clients were young adults between the ages of 16-25 with disabilities. The Arts Program was created to allow the clients a weekly opportunity to create art in a safe and relaxing space.


This was an incredibly rewarding experience. I was given the opportunity to work with all clients at a one-one level at different times through out the course of the program. I was fortunate enough to create bonds with all clients and get to know them and understand their needs. All clients for this program were non-verbal so in order to be able to communicate it was very important to form a certain level of trust. I was fortunate enough to create a special bond with two clients. The staff was very excited to see the bonds that we created and often told me that these clients did not have that type of relationship with many other people. It was an incredible experience and one I hope to return to.


Assisting with Michael A. Riffel High School Drama Productions

For six years I have assisted with the Riffel High School Drama productions.   I volunteered with recording audio, arranging the soundtrack, as well as designing and building the sets. I believe in the importance of the arts including quality practical experience at the high school level. The arts have played a major role in my life and may not have been so prevalent if it were not for the opportunities I had thanks to passionate and talented teachers. I am quite willing to give of my free time if I can help a student have a similar experience. The reward of seeing the finished product that comes from the work and talent of the high school students I have worked with is quite amazing. It has been a pleasure to get to know them and watch as they develop in the arts as well as in life.

Coaching for the Regina Ultimate Flying Disc Club Junior League

The importance of team sports for youth is a major reason that I believed in and supported the Kidsport fundraiser while working for Earls. I also wanted to give back some of my time to high school students who wanted to learn a new sport or just participate in something with a good group of friends. The RUFDC Junior League was a great opportunity for that. Passing on not only the rules and strategies of the game, but also the passion and excitement was very rewarding. Unlike some sports at the high school level, where participants often enter with an existing long-term involvement, ultimate tends to be a first time sport for many students. As a result, coaches often receive the added benefit of being able to see students progress quickly and share their passion for the sport with others. The Junior Program for Regina Ultimate has grown over the years that I have been involved. It is exciting to see some of the players from our Junior Program join the adult league and form their own teams.




Jackie Belanger

Restaurant Manager

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Rosalie Synk


Michael A Riffel Catholic High School

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Amanda Scandrett

Executive Director

Paper Crane Community Arts Centre (Ranch Ehrlo)

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