Lesson Plan Week 7- Scranimal Poetry

Download “Scranimals Lesson” PDF

Download “Scranimal Worksheet” PDF

Class: Mrs. Anderson Gr. 6/7                                                 Date: November 22nd, 2017

Topic:  Poetry (Jack Prelutsky Scranimals)                        Subject:  ELA 6/7 .

Scranimals Poetry

Content: Using the work of Jack Prelutsky as mentor texts students will develop an understanding rhyme scheme and simple poetry construction. While creating and composing original works of poetry. As an extension they can add illustrations.


Outcomes and Indicators:


Outcome: CC6.2


Select and use the appropriate strategies to communicate meaning before (e.g., identifying purpose and audience), during (e.g., acknowledging sources), and after (e.g., revising to enhance clarity) speaking, writing, and other representing activities.

d. Reflect on how images, elements of art, and principles of composition can be organized to convey meaning in visual art (e.g., What message or ideas does our art work communicate about our sense of place in Saskatchewan?).


Outcome: CC6.4


Create and present a variety of representations that communicate ideas and information to inform or persuade and to entertain an audience, including illustrations, diagrams, posters, displays, and cartoons.


i. Experiment with representing in a variety of forms


Outcome: CC6.5

Use oral language to interact appropriately with others in pairs, and small and large group situations (e.g., asking questions to explore others’ ideas and viewpoints, discussing and comparing ideas and opinions, completing tasks and contributing to group success)

a.     Engage in partner, small-group, and whole-class discussion to accomplish a task (e.g., develop a class plan of action).

b.     Show an understanding of when to speak and when to listen when participating in conversations and in small and whole group discussions.

c.      Contribute to structured discussion and dialogues to explore perspectives, ideas, and issues and to complete tasks



Students will hand in finished work for assessment and share in class participation during find the poem and finished poem 


Lesson Preparation:


Equipment/ Materials:

• Printed Scranimal Poems

• Printed Scranimal Worksheet

• Digital Copies of Scranimal poems


Advanced Preparation:

§  Cut Scranimal Poems into chunks (based on number of poems and student in the class)

§  Projector for showing poems

§  Dry erase markers




Set: (5-10 minutes)


Find the poem- students are given parts of each mentor poem and are challenged to find the rest of the poem and form a group and try to put the poem back together.



Development: (30-40 minutes)


Together we will read a couple of Scranimal Poems to understand how they work.


We will discuss the concept of rhyme scheme and review it in order to create our own scranimal texts.


I do/ We do/ You do- a sample scranimal poem.


Students work independently to create their own poetry


Closure: (5-10 minutes)

Sharing and reflecting on learning-

Ask students who are finished if they are ready to share.



Classroom Management Strategies


Through out the lesson the teacher will circulate through the room to make sure students are on task and provide help if needed.


Writing examples on the board.



Students will use their hands to answer questions














Remind students of how to be a good audience and provide valuable feedback



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