Lesson Plan Week 4- Grade 7 Math (Multiplication & Division)

Download “Grade 7 Math (Mult & Div)” Lesson Plan PDF

Class: Mrs. Anderson Gr. 7                                   Date: November 2nd, 2017

Topic:  Multiplication & Division                                 Subject: Mathematics 7

 2 and 3 Digit Multiplication and Division
Content: Students will review and develop skills multiplying and dividing two and three digit integers. Division will use decimals to the hundredths. Students will use long form and show their work
Outcomes and Indicators:

 Expand and demonstrate understanding of the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of decimals to greater numbers of decimal places, and the order of operations. [C, CN, ME, PS, R, T]

 e.      Solve a problem involving the multiplication or division of decimal numbers with 2-digit multipliers or 1-digit divisors (whole numbers or decimals) without the use of technology.

f.      Solve a problem involving the multiplication or division of decimal numbers with more than a 2-digit multiplier or 1-digit divisor (whole number or decimal), with the use of technology

Assessment: Formative assessment will be done on the answers from the brain break. The students will also hand in a work sheet to be assessed.
Pre-requisite Learning: students should be familiar with single digit multiplication and division.
Lesson Preparation:

Equipment/ Materials:

•   Multiplication and Division worksheet

• Brain Break Questions




Set: (10-15 minutes)


The Multiplication Song- The Animaniacs

A quick review of a two-digit number multiplied by a single digit number.

Review of terms- factors and product


Development: (20-30 minutes)

Introduction of two-digit factors multiplied by two-digit factors.

Provide examples and practice questions as a group and on the board.

Introduce three-digit factors multiplied by two-digit factors

Brain Break


Introduction of long division of four digit dividends by single digit divisors using decimals in the quotient.

Review of division terms.

I do, you do, we do division practice


Closure: (10-15 minutes)

Students work on their work sheets. Finish with the long division song of their choice.

Classroom Management Strategies


Brain Break- math relay using differentiated questions to assess students’ comfort and understanding of review and new concepts that have been introduced.



Math Relay Race Brain Break:

Students will race in rows to see who can complete the relay first. To start the student at the front of the row will move to the back of the row and the rest of the students will all move forward one desk. Students will stand beside their desk until it is their turn. The student at the front desk will answer a math question as fast as possible from one of the cards on the desk. Students will self-assess their level of confidence with the introduction of new multiplication concepts and choose the card that best represents their level of understanding. Green cards are established and will have the most complex questions, yellow cards are meeting and will have intermediate level questions and red cards will be progressing and have review questions on them. Once the student at the front has answered the question correctly they will move to the back of the row and the next student will sit down. The row is finished once all the students have completed a question, returned to their proper desk and sit down. The cards will be gathered and kept for a formative assessment.


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