Campfire to Confident: Week One (Fast Car by Tracy Chapman)

Welcome back!

Here is my first video of my personal guitar learning. This week I chose a song that I know fairly well but have never played properly. Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car is one of my favourites and its definitely a great sing-a-long. I’ve known a simple four chord version of the song for a while but I know it’s lacking some of the finesse to really make it sound just right.

So here is a video showing you where I started with fast car and what I am going to learn to take it from campfire to confident:

Here is the tab for the four chord campfire version I used originally. I still use this version for the lyrics and to give me a rough idea of where the changes are but use the new chords and finesse techniques.

Click here to see the Mahalo Guitar tutorial I learned some of the confident techniques and new chord structures from. If you don’t know Jen Trani from Mahalo yet she is awesome… be sure to check out her tutorials!

This is Jen! She rocks both literally and figuratively!


Stay tuned for my confident version of Fast Car…

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