Group Character Tableau

Group Character Tableau:


Using the characters that you created during the statue(ing) exercise the students have the group assemble in character to represent a moment from the picture. The teacher again will prompt the students with questions that encourage the students to further analyze how their character would respond (i.e. “Where would you be during this moment? Would you be right in the mix? Would you be on the outside?”). As the students fill in the tableau the teacher should encourage them to think about their relationships to not just the story but also the other characters that are emerging in the tableau. After everyone has found their space the teacher can go through the tableau asking the students to identify thier character and how they are relating within the tableau.


This tableau furthers students’ character development or embodiment by not only asking them to think about the motivations of a character in a specific moment but also to start to address where that character fits in with the larger text. How does the character respond to not only the world of the text but also other characters that exist within the text. The more opportunity the student has to think in role the more they will embody the character they have chosen.


  • Students can get in to smaller groups and discuss who their characters are and then assemble a tableau image based on who is in their group and where they fit within the story.


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