Gallery Walk

Gallery Walk:


Images from a book that the students are going to use in the class are placed around the room as though they are pieces of art hanging in a gallery. Students then wander through the room observing the images and responding to each image. As they develop their responses they write them on a stick note and place it near the image. Slowly all students respond to all pieces. Once the walk is complete all students gather to discuss what they found in common or what they responded to differently. The teacher can guide the response forum and ask the students if they found a narrative that started to emerge.


By responding first to the visuals of the story the students respond to the gallery walk in a way that allows them to form a narrative or at least respond to the images without being influenced by the existing text. This time for contemplative response gives them time to work on their visual literacy and interpret images in personal ways.


  • Students can travel the gallery walk in pairs and discuss their interpretations with each other in order to come to a shared space of response to the work.
  • Students can go back and read the responses and make a mark beside the ideas they agree with .
  • Sharing can be done through writing rather than speaking after the walk19


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