The Prairie Wind Blows….

The Prairie Wind Blows:


The students gather in a circle facing each other with one person in the middle. For the first time it is probably best if it is the teacher who starts in the middle. The person in the middle is the prairie wind. As the prairie wind they state a fact that is true about themselves but that they also think will apply to the others in the circle. This is done using the form of a script that goes “the prairie wind blows for all those… wearing yellow.” The last part is the truth for the current prairie wind. If the statement is true for others in the circle they must find a different spot in the circle as fast as they can. The person left without a spot then becomes the prairie wind. The game repeats itself like this until a decided ending (e.g. everyone has been the wind or a time limit is reached).


A great way to get the body up and moving and create energy within the group. The prairie wind when played with truths that are more personal than colour of clothing etc. can serve as an icebreaker to help the group learn about one another.


  • The Prairie Wind can be played like musical chairs by having the students form the circle with chairs so that there is a clear delineation of who has found a spot and who has not.
  • The group can form partnerships around the circle then when a partner leaves the people who the prairie wind blows for must find a different partner.



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