Weekly Creative Practice-Abstraction

For my creative practice this week I found that I was looking less at objects as a whole and more at the small details of the object. I found that my eye was attracted to things that abstracted the vision of the object as a whole. It was the little detail that caught my eye this week. The shapes formed when you are looking at something too close. This week it wasn’t the object itself that mattered it was the abstraction of that object that created a visually and aesthetically pleasing photograph. Although most of the things I was looking at were crafted to be visually appealing and/or aesthetically pleasing as a whole when you focus in on a small section and obscure the signifiers of what it is that each object represents it is interesting to see what happens.


mirror-good frosted-glass-good

I think this was an interesting week for me to challenge myself visually. I think that the first few weeks it has been easy to find things that catch my eye but this week it was more difficult to think of how to represent the abstraction or obscuring of an object in a way that puts the focus less on what it is and how it relates to my aesthetic sense of the world and more on what is the underlying element that creates a pleasing image without association. For me this week felt like it was a lot about light and texture. The warm light in the first image that is starkly divided by the contrasting lines. The texture is created by the bokeh effect of the light and the few visible crystals that are in focus. In the second image it is the clean crisp diagonal lines mixed with the smooth reflective surface that are broken up by the contrast of the light and dark reflections that are created when the angles change. The last image it is the darkness in contrast to the bright light shining through that really places an emphasis on the texture of the frosted glass. Light, texture, lines and abstraction- beauty can be seen in the intricate details of everyday items when you stop viewing it as an object and start looking at it in relation to the creative and aesthetic. It is fun to challenge my eyes to find that beauty and to capture it in a photo that does it justice.



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