Teaching Philosophy:

Teaching Philosophy


My goal is to work as an Arts Education Teacher. The following are some of my core values and philosophies that illustrate my views about education and my stance as an educator.


I believe that all children deserve the same opportunities for education. That no matter what it is that makes them different, be it race, socio-economic status, gender or ability every child deserves respect, compassion and fair treatment within an inclusive classroom setting. I believe that what is fair isn’t always equal and what is equal isn’t always fair. I believe as a teacher it is my responsibility to ensure that fairness and equality, although different, are driving forces in creating and sustaining relationships with students, staff and the community that create positive lasting effects.


I believe that all students learn best when supported in a safe, positive and healthy environment. I believe that such an environment fosters security, inspiration and positive, healthy relationships between not only teacher and student but also between peers. A safe classroom is one that not just prevents students from harm but also creates a space where students are free to be open and expressive, to feel valued and important.


I believe that all students need to feel challenged. A challenging teacher pushes students to find their potential and their passion. A teacher that shares their passion creates a similar passion in their students. Passionate, challenged students are relentless in their pursuit of knowledge. To challenge a student is not simply to push them towards a goal but to transform their potential into a commitment to challenge themselves- it is to create a lifelong learner.



I believe that there is space for fun and creativity in Education. I believe that learning is not a strictly serious or stoic activity. There are times where learning needs to take place in that type of space but there are also times where fun and play allow us to learn in different ways and to engage with our whole selves. I believe that lessons can be entertaining as well as informative. A creative teacher engages students with personality, humor and enthusiasm. Creativity breeds curiosity and curiosity breeds innovation.


I believe in empathy, love and understanding. A teacher that can find a way to show all of these characteristics will have impacts that stretch beyond the classroom. I believe that the impact of empathy, love and understanding shown to a student is immeasurable. It is in the imperceptible moments of compassion or understanding that a teacher’s impact may have the longest lasting effects.


I am excited at the opportunity to put the beliefs into practice as an educator. I am dedicated to learning and evolving in order to continuously reshape these beliefs so that I may have the insight and foresight to help all learners reach their full potential. If my impact can change even one life then I have far exceeded my goals.