Soundscaping: Description: Soundscaping is a way to create images using only sounds. These sounds can be made from any variety of things. The students can start by deciding what they want to soundscape. The best results come from places that have a variety of noises. The key to an effective soundscape is to layer sounds … More Soundscaping


Telephone (A Classic): Description: The students sit in a circle and one student begins by whispering a message in to the ear of the student beside them. The goal is to pass the whispered message the whole way around the circle and have it come back to the original speaker unchanged. The reality is that … More Telephone

Bear, Frog, Bug

Bear, Frog, Bug: Description: This is a good warm up for physicalization and concentration. The students divide in half. Each half forms a secret huddle where they will discuss what animal they are going to use. The whole group will then present a physicalization of a bear (growling face, hands above head), a frog (squatting, … More Bear, Frog, Bug

Sleeping Lions

Sleeping Lions: Description: The students are going to imagine that they are lions in a circus. The circus is great but it is a lot of work. The teacher is the Ring Master and needs some lions to come out and perform the next show. The students are told to imagine that they are lions … More Sleeping Lions