Curriculum as Place

In this week’s reading “Learning from Place: A Return to Traditional Mushkegowuk Ways of Knowing” we are offered a chance to begin to look at curriculum as place. The paper published for the University of Toronto by Restoule et Al details a research project that followed Mushkegowuk youth and Elders on a 10-day river trip. … More Curriculum as Place

The Good Student

The “good student” according to the commonsense ideas of education is one who the system works for. To think of it in a way that is more concrete this means that a good student is one who does not challenge the traditional model of education or the content that is provided in schools across not … More The Good Student

Teachers, Administrators and the School System

This week’s reading introduced us to some concepts surrounding the profession of teaching and its relationship to administrators and the school system. The reading introduced us to who, statistically, Canadian Teachers are. It also broke down some of the characteristics of teaching as an occupation and who decides what is important and what is taught. … More Teachers, Administrators and the School System