Week 8- Reflection

Before: As we prepared for this week Anne and I debated wether we would have enough time to actually create an authentic student driven inquiry lesson. The more we thought about it the more we realized that we might have to prompt them a little more than in an actual inquiry unit. So we decided … More Week 8- Reflection

Week 7- Reflection

Before: As I prepared for my lesson this week I was trying to think of another engaging way to get students writing and thinking about poetry. This week I chose to use another form of nonsense poetry. Using work by the U.S. Children’s Poet Laureate Jack Prelutsky we will look at rhyme scheme and create … More Week 7- Reflection

Week 6- Reflection

Before: As I prepared for my lesson this week I felt confident coming into a subject and activity that  was in my wheelhouse. I was excited to teach some visual art but I was also excited to have found a Plains Cree Myth that fit well with my lesson. I was a little nervous about … More Week 6- Reflection

Week 5- Reflection

Before: This week Anne and I thought it might be interesting to co-teach a unit on Remembrance Day. Our thought was that it might be more interesting and useful to create a lesson that we could teach together that incorporated both Social Studies and Arts Ed. Although the lesson we prepared could have been taught … More Week 5- Reflection