Mental Health and The Arts (A BAC and Understand Us Workshop)

A Balfour Arts Collective Workshop Afternoon with Jim Demeray

Click here to see the lesson plan!

On October 24th, 2018 student in the Balfour Arts Collective spent an afternoon learning about positive mental health. Together with Jim Demeray we spent half of the afternoon learning about strategies for improving your mental health. As we spoke about ideas such as breaking the negative stigma surrounding poor mental health and mental illness we asked the students to think of what positive mental health might look like and ways that we can work to achieve it. Once the students had finished listening to the presentation they were challenged to break out in to small groups in their Arts passion areas and create an artistic response to the conversations we had. The results much like the conversations were amazing. A special thanks to Jim Demeray and Understand Us for making this afternoon possible and for their work in raising awareness about Mental Health in our community.

Check out some of the student responses:


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