Group Character Tableau

Group Character Tableau: Description: Using the characters that you created during the statue(ing) exercise the students have the group assemble in character to represent a moment from the picture. The teacher again will prompt the students with questions that encourage the students to further analyze how their character would respond (i.e. “Where would you be … More Group Character Tableau

Gallery Walk

Gallery Walk: Description: Images from a book that the students are going to use in the class are placed around the room as though they are pieces of art hanging in a gallery. Students then wander through the room observing the images and responding to each image. As they develop their responses they write them … More Gallery Walk


Placemat: Description: Students are given a subject, reading, or question. Students are then divided into small groups. Ideally groups of 4 (although it can be more depending on the class size). Each group takes one piece of paper and divides it into five sections: 1 larger middle section and 4 smaller sections that surround it. This … More Placemat